The video preview's finally done!

If you want to watch it in full 720p quality and full size, (which is heavily recommended),
just go to the link below;

Let us know what you think of the video in the comments!
And please, share the video with any of your friends who might be interested, of course!

(Additionally, and this is with Eromancer's permission, if you're needing video work yourself
for whatever project you're working on, drop me an email at
or a PM at


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  2. Definitely eye-catching. Bookmarked !

  3. Put $35 bucks into Patron for you and I cant wait to see your next update. If this game is as amazing as it is looking to be. I think you finally opened the genre of E games I have been waiting for. Best of luck and marry Christmas.

  4. You said that there would be female antagonists.
    Will there be any lesbian sex?

    1. I believe on a Tumbler this question was asked and he said that there would be no male on male. but female on female. :)

  5. Replies
    1. The song is 'Your Flesh' by 'Common Man Down'

  6. That...that was a beautiful preview. I can't wait to see the full game!
    Will there be any egg laying, pregnancy, or status affects resulting from such conditions?

  7. Count me very excited! I'm glad you seem to have solved the problem of showing H content with gameplay and not a game over (something that plagues far too many H games, along with poor controls and visuals). Keep posting and keep us excited!

  8. I honestly don't like the art wok she look like every other generic 3d girl you see on those 3d porn sites and there is nothing about them that stands out sorry if i sound like a troll I am just telling you how i fell


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