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Small V0.04 Delay, New Character Revealed!

Hey guys!

I'll get the bad news out of the way up front.  We need a few more days to finish up V0.04, so I'm projecting that around May 10 it will be ready.  I'll be sure to update you on our progress though, as it may be before or slightly after that.  We have to stick to Patreon's procedure of pledges being charged at the beginning of the month, so that means that pledges still have to be in by around April 29 (to be safe) when the paid post goes live.  Pledges will still be charged around May 1.

Progress is actually going great, it's just that there are more remaining art assets required than I can accomplish in the remaining days before May 1 (even working 18 hour days).  I'm down to having to finish a couple of sets of sprite animations, a few more maps and random graphics, and from then on out it's basically balancing / filling the maps with items and loot / adding dialog (the framework for the events is already laid out, and the story artwork scenes …