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Malise and the Machine V0.05 Released!

Hey everyone!

V0.05 of Malise and the Machine was released on September 21st via Patreon.  If you missed out on the release and are still interested in checking it out, please email me at and I'll give you details on how to get your pledge to me!

Here are some additional changes that made it into V0.05 at the last minute.  For the rest of the change log, please see this post.

Improved the loot screen UIImproved the layout of the Save/Load screenAdded mechanics for learning skills from devices called ‘Glyphs’. Malise now starts with full HP/SPFixed a continuity error.  Neon will now have high lust/broken armor after the Fleshfather scene.

Thanks again for your continued interest in the project!
- Eromancer