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Progress Update!

Hey guys!

I want to apologize for the recent lack of posts this past month, but rest assured we've been working harder than ever on the next release.  That being said, I definitely want to stop in and give you an overview on where we're at.  I'll be posting a huge list of improvements/fixes/features later this month, but for now some highlights.  Originally the goal was to have V0.03 out on September 1.  That would have been a 2 month cycle (down from a 3 month cycle for the development of V0.02), and unfortunately the general amount of improvements and content meant that wouldn't come to be.

AltairPL (you may remember I introduced him as our new full time programmer) has re-coded the battle engine completely from scratch and given it entirely custom and dedicated code (no third party scripts are used whatsoever).  In the future this will give us the flexibility to do some crazy ass stuff with the H mechanics since everything is now on our terms.  In addition, it'…