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Progress Update!

Hey everyone!

Apologies for not stopping in sooner, but I figured I'd wait until there was something visually worthwhile to show off.  There are approximately four topics I'd like to cover in this post, so prepare thine asses for a really long post.

Menu Interface Overhaul
I figure I'll touch on this one first since there are a bunch of pretty screenshots to check out.

This has been AltairPL's main focus so far for this release cycle.  He's done a kickass job with implementing our design and the screenshots are the result of his efforts.  Everything except the popup window in Neon's Equipment screenshot (see below) is already in the game and being tested currently (I threw the equipment details popup in there to show you a bit of what to expect later on).   Here's some of the key information:

Menu - This is an alternate, symmetrical layout design for the front menu page.  The original version with the side menu will return as well, and you will be able to tog…