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The Tetra Interface (Part 2)

Hey everyone!  

The past few days have been devoted to packaging and shipping prints for the $35 pledgers, as well as working on artwork for the armor damage system.  A few days ago however I whipped up this design idea for the menu interface side of the new Tetra Interface system.  The image below is a mock-up of what will be the “Tetra” window, and it will replace the “Skills” window in the menu.  

You’ll notice that some skill glyphs have multiple colors in the lower window, indicating that some glyphs can only be used while certain armor types are equipped. Notice the deep blue “Example Skill” glyphs cannot be equipped while Neon is wearing a Heavy Frame type armor (this armor type is associated with the blue-grey glyphs)… instead they can only be used with a Tactical Frame type armor. This will be the major way in which a character’s different armor types behave sort of like a class system.

Also take note of the levels and gauges next to each glyph. While it won’t make it into t…

The Tetra Interface and Version 0.02

Hey everyone!
Sorry for the lack of posts in the last couple of weeks.  Getting the first release of Malise and the Machine out pretty much consumed all of my time, but in the past few days I've been able to get to work on determining necessary changes for V0.02, as well as hash out the design for a new battle menu interface.  Check out the following post I made on Patreon this morning for the details on what to expect in the next version!

The Tetra Interface Original version published on Patreon, April 8, 2014

INCOMING ESSAY A.K.A. SUPER WALL OF TEXT (Don’t ever say I don’t keep you updated!!!)
I mentioned a few days ago that I've been in the midst of designing a new interface, now dubbed the ‘Tetra Interface’ that will simplify using commands, skills, and items in battle, as well as give some direction to the game's skill system.  I've decided that implementing this system will be one of the main objectives of V0.02, and after three days and nights (maybe? I have no…