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ChangeLog for Malise and the Machine V0.02!

Hey everyone!

Malise and the Machine V0.02 will be released on July 1, 2015 via the Patreon campaign (  The following are changes for this version update:

Added 'Advanced Lust Sickness' status effect and related character portraits.Improved upon a lot of character portraits for 'Minor Lust Sickness' status effect.Added the 'Assist' battle pose and artwork for when a character attacks or uses a skill on her ally's H-attacker.Doubled the frames in Stigmata's animated sprite set.Added system for special effects which include enhanced shadows/lighting and additional cosmetic objects to the maps.Added capability to make above system toggle-able with the 'S' key while on the map.Developed a low cost processing method for adding certain animated tiles.There's no longer a need to choose targets for skills/items affecting all enemies/allies or that have no option of who you can target (like skills t…

V0.02 Coming July 1! Changes to Patreon Reward Tiers!

Hey everyone!

It's time for a wall of text involving the next release, as well as info about changes to the Patreon reward tiers!  As I mentioned not long after the first release, the main focus of this coming release would be the continuation of adding game mechanics, nailing major bugs, improvement of the engine, and streamlining battle (primarily with the integration of a new battle interface dubbed the Tetra Interface).

Well, I've decided to make a change and put off the debut of the Tetra Interface until V0.03.  My reasoning is that it's such a large overhaul of the default RPG Maker interface that I don't want to rush it and not have time to thoroughly test it.  To make up for that however, I'm going to be adding a new H skill branch to Vorepups that will allow me to demonstrate how the new armor damage system will play a role in changing enemy behavior.  It will also give me a chance to integrate and finalize my design for enemy AI relating to the armor d…