Malise and the Machine - Public Demo Release

We're proud to present the first public demo for Malise and the Machine!

You can download the demo at the following address:!TZkBkDxL!jTmJD0kWaptB0yGH69CPM_plEqnJrGJo0rnZckQ6jzE

NOTE: The above link has been updated to the V0.0352 hotfixed version released on February 18, 2016.

Remember, this demo is meant to be shared! Share it, post it, seed it, stream it, whatever!

System Requirements

If you haven't played the previous releases of MATM, then PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING!

Malise and the Machine utilizes the RPG Maker VX Ace engine.  To play, you must install the RPG Maker VX Ace RTP (run time package), which you can download and install for free from (click the blue button at the bottom of the page to download).

It's highly recommended that the first time you start the game you make a critical adjustment to the RPG Maker VX Ace settings to vastly improve performance of the game.  To do this, press F1 after launching the game, then in the window that appears uncheck 'Reduce Screen Flickering', and then select OK.

Additional tips for improving performance if you find the game runs slow for you:
Play in windowed mode!  RPG Maker's fullscreen mode is very inefficient, and we plan on eventually writing an improved version.
Well, the above is about it for this release.  We had ways to toggle off some effects that can affect performance, however we've removed them so that they can be consolidated into a universal 'Performance Mode' which will be available in future versions.

Here are the recommended hardware specs for the game to be able to achieve a consistent 30 FPS:

Intel Core2Duo @ 2.4 GHz
512 MB Video RAM

Patch Notes


AltairPL has completely rewritten and overhauled the menu and title screen. We've designed it to improve functionality, performance, and to facilitate future system mechanics. The following are some of the changes made:

  • Rewrote the various menu scenes and related code to improve transitions and performance.
  • Replaced the 'Skills' menu with the 'Tetra' menu. You can inspect skills and items that are equipped to your characters' various Tetra panels (the command panels shown in battle) from this menu. While using an ARIS unit, you can equip new skills and items as well as change their positions on the Tetra panels. Note that skills can no longer be used outside of battle.
  • Added armor damage icons to the menu and Status menu. Sections of these icons transition from white to orange as a character takes damage. Once a section of the armor is orange, it can be broken by certain enemy skills if the character's lust is high enough. Broken armor sections are shown in red.
  • Gear can now be changed in the Equip menu. Note that the Body slot can only be accessed while using an ARIS unit.
  • Redesigned and activated ARIS unit menu.
  • Added a new entry to the Options screen to change the layout of the menu between 'Side' and 'Centered' layouts.
  • Improved menu scene transition animations.
  • Menu elements are now mirrored and symmetrical between the two characters.
  • Added color coded icons for equipment and items.
  • Redesigned list windows to use "tiles" that show an object's icon, name, and additional parameters based on the object type.
  • Improved equipment list display conditions.
  • Added icons to denote if a character has a certain piece of gear equipped.
  • Added dynamic control notes to the bottom of various menu scenes.
  • Added scrollbar functionality to list windows.
  • Improved the layout and design of every menu scene.
  • Added various confirmation prompts for Save/Load/Options scenes.
  • Improved wallpaper background to remove banding and fix visibility issues for elements on the lower portion of the screen.
  • Improved particle effect behavior and performance.

The following are some examples of performance improvements since V0.03 using AltairPL's PC as a test rig. Note that the FPS cap has been increased to 120 for these tests:

Main Menu: 90 FPS -> 120 FPS
Load Screen: 77 FPS -> 82 FPS
Save Screen: 88 FPS -> 98 FPS
Item Screen: 85 FPS -> 120 FPS
Status Screen: 60 FPS -> 105 FPS


  • Malise has been added to the Access Tunnels content for the Public Demo. She doesn't affect the story/dialog, but is compatible with all enemies' H attacks.
  • Rebalanced enemies for a party of two characters.
  • Chest rewards have changed for the public demo.
  • Significantly improved battle performance. A comparison test on AltairPL's rig shows an improvement of ~20 FPS from V0.03 (~70 FPS up to ~90 FPS).
  • Added pause graphics for both the battle and map scenes.
  • Enemy skills that summon spawns/appendages now have a unique skill name (for the Fleshfather, the 'Constrict' skill has been renamed to 'Tentacle') to differentiate it from the initial H skill that the spawn or appendage itself uses.
  • Improved various mechanics related to enemy spawns/appendages.
  • Added ARIS unit graphics for Malise.
  • Controllers are supported once again.
  • Pressing the Up arrow key while selecting a target will now confirm the action usage.
  • Pause can now be assigned to a controller button.
  • Changed 'Swap Character' key from 'C' to 'S' (for changing character graphics during the map scene).
  • Added a 'Quick Swap' feature for quickly trading turns in battle. Pressing the 'S' key will cancel out of any process and immediately trade turns with the opposite character, under the condition that her turn is ready.
  • Item names are now highlighted in dialog and in loot messages.
  • Removed content from V0.02 and prior. No worries, this content will make a reappearance later in an improved form.
  • Added various system and script related mechanics to facilitate future features.


  • Fixed a bug where pausing during dialog scenes would cause some abnormal behavior.
  • Fixed a bug where enemy spawns/appendages would sometimes initialize incorrectly, causing them to lose a turn.
  • Fixed a glitch that could result in the wrong pose being displayed for a character during the battle victory scene.
  • Fixed a discrepancy between displayed HP and HP recovered during character revival.


  1. Hallelujah! It's here! You've made my day ^^

  2. Is there a way to brake the breast plate off neon? I could get Malise's entire armor broken, but Neon can only get bottom naked...

    1. The frame that Neon is using in the demo is actually sort of her "tank" armor type. The upper body is completely invulnerable to H attacks (hinted at in the armor description). There will be other armor types that break differently in later versions.

  3. its really good!!
    reporting crash when accessing tetra, only happen once though

    1. Thanks for the report! It would really help us identify the problem if you sent the !Error.log and Options.ini files from your System folder to us! If you could, email them to

      Thanks a lot and let me know if you have any questions!

  4. Damn I am impressed of what you managed to pull off with rpg maker.
    Thought your ambissions where too high for the engine so been a bit weary. Guess I got no excuse not to help out a little on patreon now.

    Oh and had one crash on the last fight, broke the second entangle and think there was a sound file missing but sadly forgot to remember exactly what it was.

    1. No problem! If you email us ( the !Error.log and Options.ini files from your System folder it will hopefully tell us what happened! Thanks a lot for reporting it!

  5. Suggestion if i may
    1. up key to confirm victory and after combat loot + exp
    2. down key to cancel selection in battle

    if you ask why, for one hand play style of course~

    1. Nothing better than programable keyboard :-)

  6. OK! NOW I have some questions for you ^.^ : First. How long goes the demo? I only managed to go to the point where I have all door B Things activated (30 each 5) But the door doesn´t open is it the end of the demo? °.° Second: When will be your Game available? And Third and the probably most important one: Will your Game have one of these?: Impregnation, Birth, Egg laying, kidnapped Protagonist (one of them), Imprisoned, Sukkubus, Sex betwen both Protagonists, lesbian, Parasite, Hypnotised Allie that rapes the other Charakter, Futanari, transformed back to little Girlie and last but not least more Allies / Playable Girls? So this is what I would like to know from you -^_^-

    1. You need 20 for B and 30 for C. Search, surely you find the sollution, cause game dont ends where you are, but little bit further.

    2. Urgh . . . But in all the hours I played in this game i never got a 15 Card (or whatever that is) (and the higher even less) Damn! At this rate i will never get the intro for the door >~< ... could you perhaps help me out with a save right after opening the door? -^.^-

    3. You don't get any fuses higher than 5. You need to go back to the panels you wired for B and change them to C. After you enter the C door you immediately get into the boss fight that ends the demo.

    4. Hä? But there was nowhere written a C didn't it? Can't remember having seen one . . . = /

    5. The Letters are in the colors so I didn't find it at the first time! Down on the map there are only two colors with a letter in it!

    6. @Christin Eleven
      it's near the place where Neon first rejoins Doc (south of the Hub map)

    7. Hää??? Have to look at it again . . . = / Besides: What about my questions on the other post? •.•

    8. Sorry, don't know how I could miss them:
      1. Demo ends with boss battle and a scene shortly after entering "C" gate.
      2. There's no official date of release and guessing would be pointless at this time.
      3. This is a very long list... all I can say is that some of them will be in the game for sure, some have a chance to appear, and some will not be in the game. Maybe Eromancer will be able to give you more details, but that depends on how much he wants to reveal.
      Hope this helps.

    9. Don't need to apologize! ^.^ but ähh do you also work on the Game? •.• or where do you know this answers? •_•

    10. Yes, I work on this game as well, but I am just a programmer, so I don't have all the answers ;).

    11. Awesome! How is it to work on a Game? Do you also have to make the Pictures and all that stuff? Ps: Are you an Assasins Creed Fan by the way? XD

    12. Heh, didn't expect questions like this...
      Hmmm, working on a game is hard, but at the same time very fulfilling.
      I usually do programming, but sometimes I do other odd jobs, like helping with events or making small graphics for UI and similar stuff.
      No, I've never played Assassin's Creed, but I know the name of the main character ;).

    13. Hey, just wanted to ask is there anything new so far? Any new Demo for Patreonless People like me? = o

  7. Animations

    There are no animations for Malise and Neon in stand or attack pose would be nice to have but the speed of its are importend. Some enemys animations are a little bit to fast for me. It's a question of what feeling you want to transport.


    Malise: I finde the weapon from her are to old for a game in this technologie state of time! I would prefer for the atmospheric enhance maybe a weapon that didn't use projectils and use some luminous rounds instead of the classics. This weapon could lose its bolt and the form of the tube. The tube could get a form that match Neon's rectangular form! In this way I could think the time ot the charakters are similar.


    Malise: The glasses aren't specialized something like this:


    Standard volumen of the music is to loud for me! Maybe it is my soundcard and headset.

    1. You can adjust audio volume settings in Options menu.

    2. I know it with the sound, but maybe the standard are not normal!? I just named may it helps!

    3. Suggestions for aspects of seen content:

      The Vioreaper and the enemey on the end of the demo are some known creaturs/plants and transformt to something else. Why don't give them some connection? The Vioreapers natural Reproduktion:

      and the end enemy to something like this:

      This would change the corridors in game with the higher state of the enemys from the named ones!

      I can't understand why the maschines cooperates with the other enemys -- maybe because it is a demo in this state of alpha :-). Dosen't make sense for me! Maybe there could be some corridors that are controlled by the maschines and some others that are infectet with something of the last picture!

      Why don't make it approximately to;, without the awareness:

      The H-attacks would be a form of their reproduction.

  8. Thank you for delivering on time! Good to know some developers actually care.

  9. well... ya know... that was possibly the most impressive rpg-maker title I have ever played. The content aint my particualr kink but it was damned well made. Bloody amazing what youve pulled off so far!

  10. Hi, Is there a guide for the demo? i mean, im lost in the part that i should open a gate in the middle


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