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June 6 PURE ONYX Test Release is now on Patreon!

Hey everyone!

We've posted the June 6 test release build of Pure Onyx on Patreon!

The content additions since the May 7th release include two new enemies (Chain Splicer and Splicer Boss), a new H scene for the Splicer Thug, and updated artwork and animations for Onyx.  We've also been working on a much more stable AI system that should be available this month.

Here's the full list of changes!

CHANGELOG / FIXED BUGS (since May 7 test release)
Added basic versions of the Chain Splicer enemy and the first boss. They currently have limited move sets and are not yet rigged for full animation.    Added a new H scene for the Splicer ThugOnyx's real skeleton has been added, allowing for Spine animations during regular gameplay. There's still work to do to get animation blending behaving properly on her though, so we've disabled it for now. Added Onyx's Idle animation and updated the Walk animation.  Updated Onyx's move set artwork. Now that Onyx has a shadow, we&…