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Proposal for Major Patreon Campaign Changes! Need Feedback!

Hey guys!

So, due to an initial favorable response from patrons, I wanted to get some feedback from you. We're currently considering some major changes to the Patreon campaign structure in an effort to simplify the process for new patrons, attract new patrons, and to remove some of my campaign related workload in order to give me more time to work on development related things.

Patreon is rolling out a feature called "Charge Up Front", which will allow us to utilize the Patreon feed for all releases. This would greatly simplify our release process, allow patrons instant access to their digital rewards, and also be much more intuitive for new patrons. Unfortunately, this feature is only available to (the vastly more popular) monthly campaigns, so it caused us to reconsider whether we could give the same or better experience to our patrons while benefiting from this new feature.

To accomplish this, we would significantly change the pricing for pledge rewards. This would dr…

V0.05 Progress Update!

Hey everyone!

It's been awhile since there was a legitimate progress update, so the following is my effort to hit the important points of the past month or so without making you read a novel about it.

EDIT: Just kidding, it turned out to be a novel anyways.

Spring Cleaning Complete!
Well, it's summer technically, but as I think I mentioned in the previous post I was making a huge effort for the first few weeks after we put out the last patch to put optimizations ideas into effect that had been stacking up for awhile. This is especially important since TK was coming on board full time and it'd only make sense to reorganize things before teaching him processes and such.

We now have complete cloud integration, meaning TK and I share all of the art related files and 3D libraries and receive updates to each other's work in (nearly) real time. It took over a week to upload and sync all of the necessary files.We've moved to a new chat client for development. We're all a…

Patreon Survey #1 Results!

Hey guys!

Earlier this month we posted a survey on Patreon with 11 questions designed to learn more about our audience, as well as to get feedback on certain key topics about the game. The survey was for patrons only, however we ended up getting nearly 500 responses and some valuable data. I figured I'd show the results from that survey along with our interpretation of the data.

The results are highly favorable overall, and show that a lot of issues people had with the early versions have pretty much been taken care of. I'll go ahead and present my thoughts on the results question by question, along with some of my reasoning for asking the question in the first place.

Question 1 :'s Question #1 tell us?

This question was asked to get a grasp on where the audience was coming from. I wanted to know if the people giving feedback were more or less likely to have a knowledge of modern games outside the H genere or if their experience was more i…

Malise and the Machine V0.043 Release

Hey everyone!  

Big post here, but I want to mention up front that this is a free patched version that we are sending out today to everyone that received the original V0.04 release.  Please note that your saves from V0.042 should be compatible with this new version.

This updated release is intended to fix the issues that were present in V0.04 and serve as a solid foundation to begin work on V0.05.  Note that while we do intend to relocate the fuse puzzle to a different portion of the game where it can be better utilized, that won't occur until V0.05.  You will however see some improvements to it that will be present in its later form.  A previously unmentioned and somewhat significant addition however is an improvement to how "Wait" battle modes operate.  We've added a prototype system for a button (SHIFT on the keyboard) to pass time while using one of the three "wait" battle modes.  Simply hold the button/key during a character's turn and time will fl…