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Public Demo Hotfix (V0.0352) Release

Hey guys!

AltairPL has put together a hotfix for some of the issues that you've helped us find with the public demo!  

You can download the standalone files for the patch here:!uJd3yAjA!SWRrgIRKRG70vRNayAJiPUI-MpHArwATfkvVrq8_7UE

To install the hotfix, simply place the files into the game's 'Patch' folder in the main directory.

To download the full public demo with the hotfix pre-installed, refer to the public demo release post and follow the download instructions:

The changelog for the patch is as follows:

Fixed rare crash on the Tetra menu screenFixed rare crash when holding enemy is killed during auto-struggleFixed rare ATB glitch related to breaking hold with auto-struggleFixed a glitch where the guard + damage character portrait would be displayed inappropriatelyReorganized Options screen to improve readability

Malise and the Machine - Public Demo Release

We're proud to present the first public demo for Malise and the Machine!

You can download the demo at the following address:!TZkBkDxL!jTmJD0kWaptB0yGH69CPM_plEqnJrGJo0rnZckQ6jzE

NOTE: The above link has been updated to the V0.0352 hotfixed version released on February 18, 2016.

Remember, this demo is meant to be shared! Share it, post it, seed it, stream it, whatever!

System Requirements
If you haven't played the previous releases of MATM, then PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING!

Malise and the Machine utilizes the RPG Maker VX Ace engine.  To play, you must install the RPG Maker VX Ace RTP (run time package), which you can download and install for free from (click the blue button at the bottom of the page to download).

It's highly recommended that the first time you start the game you make a critical adjustment to the RPG Maker VX Ace settings to vastly improve performance of the game.  To do this, …

Public Demo Coming Valentine's Day!

I just wanted to stop in and announce that we'll be releasing the first public demo on Valentine's Day (February 14)!  WAIFUS FOR ALL!

You'll be able to find the demo right here on this blog, so check for a post on February 14.

As mentioned previously, the public demo will feature the Access Tunnels content from V0.03, but with both characters in the party.  All enemies with H skills will be H-compatible with Malise.  In addition, AltairPL's menu overhaul will also be in the demo.

In other news, we've been working nonstop (quite literally, 13-19 hour days) on getting content ready for V0.04 to be able to release it as soon as possible.  My apologies for not squeezing in time to make regular update posts these past few weeks, but we do have a lot to show off.  Expect some bigger posts in the coming weeks!

- Eromancer