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Map Sprites in Progress

Hey all! I decided to do a minor revamp of the map sprite system. It ended up taking me only about half of a day to get the scripts working as intended, but other less necessary features I was looking at would end up being bigger projects.

The good news is I got rid of the crappy 3 frame, single spritesheet per character RPGMaker default limitations and now have a framework where each character has a separate idle/running/walking animation (8 frames) as well as the functionality to call custom pose spritesheets during events. So, in addition to having the ability to make additional poses, there's also the potential for H-related sprite scenes for things such as traps, etc (of course accompanied by high quality artwork).  No promises yet, but these are things I'm heavily considering for down the road!

 Anyways, check out some preview GIFs of the high quality sprites (before they get scaled down) in action on the Tumblr:…

Promotional Artwork

Hey everyone!  I made some promotional artwork the other day and wanted to leave it here for you guys.  I'm pretty pleased with how the motor grease effect turned out in these scenes.  Let me know what you think!

Artwork Progress + New Artist!

Hey guys,  I thought I'd stop in and give you a quick update on where things are at with the first release. I'm currently finishing up the last of the Vorepup artwork (below is a sneak peek!). After that I only have a few more pieces left to do for a special scene. Aside from that, the only major things I'd like to address before the first release are adding some skills (obviously including the H skills for the Vorepup that I'm finishing the artwork for) and improving on RPG Maker's default sprite system for the map.  

In other news, we finally have a new artist on board to help with character art. He's been helping me with some random 3D tasks throughout the project, but now will have a much more substantial role in assisting with setting up renders as well as painting and post processing in Photoshop. Even though he possesses the skills necessary, the learning curve for these tasks is admittedly pretty steep, so the past week I've been jumping between wor…