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Patreon $35 Art Print Rewards

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to stop by and show off the print designs for the $35 Patreon reward tier.  If you choose to pledge $35 or over you'll receive one of any of the following designs on an 11"x14" print in metallic ink (along with the other rewards of course).  People have been asking, and there will likely be NSFW prints for future releases. The current problem is that I have to find a quality printing service that can do it (if anyone has any recommendations let me know).    

Designs 1 - 4:

Design 5

If you choose to make a $35 or over pledge just message me via Patreon with the print design that you'd like!

Quick Update

Happy New Year everyone!

I'm just stopping in for a quick update!

For about a week after the video release I was cleaning up remaining battle system bugs I had created while making the H system. Now that those are done with I'm making the big push to finish the remaining art for the first release. At some point I'll get around to making a post detailing the final "to do" list for the release, but I'm definitely in hardcore art mode at the moment. Sorry that I don't have an elaborate update, but I'm really eager to get this first release ready and out to the patrons.

Till next time!