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Teaser Artwork + Progress Update

I've just added some teaser artwork on Tumblr!

As the post says, we've really been pushing to get everything into V0.03 that I want to get in, so I'd like to apologize if I haven't been filling you in as much as I normally do.

I'd like to finally introduce our full time Ruby programmer, AltairPL.  The amount of help he provided in V0.02 was great, but in V0.03 he's taken on the huge task of writing a completely dedicated battle engine from the ground up.  This is something I simply wouldn't have been able to do on my own, as he's put a ton of time into it already.

Because of this, I'm happy to say the Tetra Interface will make its debut in V0.03.  We're working on getting a test build out to the Inner Circle tier patrons so they can try it out, but I can say now that it greatly improves the fluidity of battle by removing the need to keep track of a menu cursor and cutting down on the number of needless keystrokes to input battle commands.  In …