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New Print Design!

Hey everyone!

I just finished the latest print design for the upcoming Patreon release in May.

For this release I've been working a lot on stepping up the artwork quality by incorporating more environmental lighting (when necessary) and improved shading/ambient shadows while still maintaining the art style we've established for the game.  This latest print shows that off a bit (you can compare it to the earlier version I posted here back in January and see what I mean).

Also, in case you haven't been checking out the Tumblr page recently, I've posted a couple of gifs showing off some artwork from V0.04!   Check them out here and here!

V0.04 Announcement and Progress Update

Hey everyone!

The next release of Malise and the Machine will be on May 1!  Pledges should be made on Patreonbefore April 29 to guarantee that your pledge is processed and that you receive your rewards.

The release will include but not be limited to the following features and content updates:

A continuation of the main story featuring a new area and the addition of Malise to the party.New story H contentA new enemy that is fully H-compatible with both charactersA new boss encounterEnemy armor damageAnimated battle backgroundsSide-scrolling maps

It's been a little while, so I'm sure you all are interested to hear what we've been up to and what's in store, so get ready for one of those lovely wall of text posts!

What's new?

 So, the public demo was a pretty huge success in that we received a lot of attention as well as an influx of new patrons. So much attention in fact that it completely paralyzed us for a couple of weeks while we responded to emails and addressed com…