Malise and the Machine V0.05 Released!

Hey everyone!

V0.05 of Malise and the Machine was released on September 21st via Patreon.  If you missed out on the release and are still interested in checking it out, please email me at and I'll give you details on how to get your pledge to me!

Here are some additional changes that made it into V0.05 at the last minute.  For the rest of the change log, please see this post.

  • Improved the loot screen UI
  • Improved the layout of the Save/Load screen
  • Added mechanics for learning skills from devices called ‘Glyphs’. 
  • Malise now starts with full HP/SP
  • Fixed a continuity error.  Neon will now have high lust/broken armor after the Fleshfather scene.

Thanks again for your continued interest in the project!
- Eromancer


  1. Guys dont take me wrong i love your job and this game is amazing!
    but taking 3 month just to give us such a basic update only for some stat changes and a background rework is not good for a paid to get demo... i though we are at least getting a full working outfit... yeah we did get a little ending action too but way to short... i would like to see faster progress...

    1. Hey there!

      Thanks for the praise, but I think you're vastly understating the amount that went into this release. Please see the full change log for details:

      I'd also like to mention that we actually surpassed our originally stated goals for this release. Please see the list under Question #7 and let me know where we didn't follow through:

    2. Only the artwork of the new Neon's outfits is more than the previous releases ones.

      But i understand you, a new enemy would impact more the pleople than the run, walk, or diferent positions of the new outfit, but the work done is really more


  3. guys you do an amazing work and the last version was a kill (even if i like puzzles :( )
    i would like to support yout work but sadly in my country (tunisia) we cannot pledge money on internet (patreon, ...).
    so i try to support by sharing , mea culpa i found the latest version on internet
    if there is more to do i'll be pleased yo help
    good luck

  4. you know i see this release as more of fix point than actual hentai part witch was pretty good and intire map was remodeled because of the problems with the maze and that's a pretty big deal besides the new armor witch is pretty good too, but c'mon man where's the tentacles at the end the map itself calls for that and the pit that she fell in to at the end screamed even more! btw you guys are doing magic with this game keep it up man.............. (specially if you guys pretend to put more tentacles , cum inflation and maybe oviposition that would make people go nuts)

  5. i played demo 0.05 over 3 hours. Both girls lv 7.
    This Game is great. Dont change it only because some people want her own special game.
    It´s impossiple to make a game that everyone loves!
    Sorry for my english ^^


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