Expected Change Log for V0.05

Hey guys!

The release for V0.05 has changed slightly to September 15 so that we have some additional time to better test it. Below is the expected change log for V0.05 for anyone interested . I locked in Patreon pledges for the release today, but as usual you can message me if you missed the pledge deadline and I'll send you details on how to get a pledge to me.


  • Added the ‘Tactical Frame’ armor type for Neon.
  • Added approximately 100 portraits as well as the sprite artwork for Neon’s new armor type.
  • Added a new skill for Neon compatible with her new armor type.
  • Replaced the puzzle area in the Breeding Zone with a more straightforward series of exploration-centric maps. These maps were created with and show off the power of TK’s new 3D map editor, and they also do a better job of setting up the main story than the puzzle area.
  • Replaced the Access Tunnels Entrance map with one created using TK’s 3D map editor (over time we will replace all existing maps with improved versions).
  • New story H scene

Map Overhaul

  • Tilemap usage (vanilla RPG Maker’s method of making maps' visuals) was removed or heavily scaled back on all maps in favor of parallax mapping (using multiple layers of pre-processed images to construct the maps’ visuals), resulting in a huge increase to map performance.
  • Redesigned how traversable/non-traversable terrain is set for maps in the RPG Maker editor. This reduces map configuration time and minimizes the chance of errors such as invisible walls, walking in the air, etc. In addition, this allows for more elevation layers to exist on a single map, as well as much cleaner handling for marking areas of maps that utilize multiple elevation layers (for instance, walkways that characters can both walk on top of and underneath).
  • Recoded and improved map elevation levels code, which allows proper and player-independent occlusion and shading of characters and event graphics. What this means is that previous to this change, mobile NPCs and the player basically couldn’t exist on separate elevation levels without the possibility of crazy visual anomalies.
  • Added map data preprocessing, which greatly reduces access time to map data by the engine.
  • We’ve begun implementing a new design system for new maps that should make it easier for the player to judge where the player characters can and can’t move with regard to navigating near walls and ledges.
  • Added custom collision detection for events with graphics bigger than 1 tile (for example, the player character doesn't have to overlap with larger characters like FuseBot to interact with it, and in addition large characters like FuseBot can now hypothetically freely wander the map without overlapping walls or other map events).
  • Added custom activation area for events, meaning an event can be activated from multiple points on the map. This means using less events to perform a task (for example, transfer zones which required up to a dozen events now require only one, resulting in a performance boost). This also significantly speeds up time spent creating complex events, since before this we would have needed events for the sole purpose of triggering other events, and so on.
  • Added a general custom event configuration feature that allows us to quickly and easily make a variety of common edits to events, thus speeding up map creation. This includes but is not limited to setting collision/activation data and being able to shift events’ graphics independently of the event itself.
  • Limited the creation of event sprites to only those that are within or near the visible area of the map, which greatly enhances performance.
  • Updated all existing maps and events to take advantage of new features.
  • Plethora of other fixes, tweaks, optimizations, etc.
  • NOTE: The map overhaul is an ongoing process, so some things, such as map loading times, may actually be worse than before - this will be addressed when more maps get updated with new visuals as then we'll be able to make more proper decisions on what is the best solution for this.


  • Fixed a few minor bugs related to armor types that surfaced after implementing Neon's second armor.
  • Implemented separate skill Tetra panels for each armor type.
  • Improved handling of Tetra panels in both Tetra configuration screen and battle. This gives a marginal performance boost, but is way more manageable.
  • Implemented armor type restriction for skills.
  • Added armor/weapon type restrictions to some skills.


  • Removed multiple major 3rd party scripts - their functionality, when necessary, was coded from scratch in way more efficient and dedicated way, which improves performance and makes code more manageable.
  • Added cursor speed options to the Options menu, allowing for more responsive navigation of the menus / battle target selection. “Initial Delay” changes the activation time for the cursor to begin repeating movement when a directional key/button is held down. “Repeat Delay” changes the speed at which the cursor repeats movement after the initial delay time has passed.
  • Added 'Y' keyboard key as alias to 'Z' key - their positions are swapped in QWERTY/QWERTZ keyboard layouts, and using Z key in QWERTZ layout is a pain in the... ahem... hand 
  • Filenames for all graphics depicting player characters (portraits, map sprites, etc.) are now dynamically built using current actor state (armor damage, lust sickness stage, states, etc.). This means that character sprites and dialog portraits can now show armor damage / effects of lust / so on. Unfortunately, adding graphics for this wasn’t in the scope of this update, so these changes won’t be visible yet.
  • The ‘Pause’ key/button will now hide all map windows (including message windows). This is basically a simple beta method for being able to hide the message window during H scenes.
  • Added process for displaying ‘under construction’ graphics for battle portraits that don’t have art yet.
  • Added the capability for having loading screens, and added said screens where necessary.

Aaaaaaand back to work!


  1. Whoa, extremely nice.

    Would it be possible at one point to have fully mappable keys ? Since there are other keyboard layouts out there...

    1. Strange, The RPG Maker has a button mapping system. Presse F1. The RPG Maker works like a Genesis Emulator has buttons ABC XYZ, with addition of a LR. Just select what buttons will do what functions

    2. With time, (almost) everything is possible.
      For now, potential solution depends on layout you use:
      - QWERTZ - the only problem with it is "Z" key being far away from other keys, but this is addressed in upcoming 0.05 by using "Y" key as alias for "Z" key.
      - AZERTY - never got any feedback on it, but if you use it, try remapping keys according to my post here: http://www.ulmf.org/bbs/showthread.php?p=844945#post844945 .
      - other - let us now what layout you use, and we'll try to do something about it.

    3. Oh wow. For some reason I noticed the frame tearing stuff in there but not the key options.
      Thanks for pointing it out, and keep up the great work.

  2. Well for me it doesn´t matters so much . . . = (

    It´s not like we poor Patreonless comoners will have the possibility to try the Demo = ( (pouty)

  3. So, no new maps or progress on the game?

  4. Do we have a release time yet?

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Guys stop to annoy the gamemakers, i hope they take the time for the game they needet to make it great

    1. As much as I wish to play that Game, this Unknown Guy is right = / The sooner this Guys finish their Game the sooner we will have the P(o/u)ssibility to try it and to enjoy it so stop hazarding them with annoying questions! If we leave them work without negative thoughts they can finish that Game sooner and even more important: Better! of course we can suggest and help with our opinion, but stop annoying them with shitload and stupid questions like: When will you finally be finished or Didn´t you said you would be finished with the next Demo by now or Where is the stupid update?!? Etc. Etc.

      Little secret: They WON´T be finished sooner just because some horny little Child Shitloads them and rages around because he/she/it never learned to wait!



  7. this is pretty much why I never back things on patreon. they sound like a great idea but then all you hear is an endless stream of "sorry guys. we have been delayed because of XYZ" most definitely interested in picking this up once it is done but given this pace that makes CD projekt look like they are churning games out by the dozen and regular delays really kills any interest in supporting the development

    1. I'd rather have something good when it's ready than something buggy right on time.

    2. Good one Sephiroth XD Cloud is still better than you XD

    3. something good when it's ready is better than something buggy right now but I don't have the time, money or interest in supporting someone who appears to be making no progress despite being supported enough to make a full time job out of it
      which given how the majority of these patreon projects have proven themselves makes my point for me

    4. RE: 1st post:
      Not supporting us, or any other Patreon project, is your choice - we understand and respect it.
      But don't you think that comparing indie dev such as us to CD Projekt is really unfair? Their every game has monthly budget much, much higher than our annual budget (IMHO) and their every dev team consists of what? 50? 100 people? MATM dev team consists of 3 people working full time - each with his own specialization. Hell, even large AAA devs have slip-ups. A delay of a few days is not the end of the world.

      RE: 2nd post:
      Without Patreon, MATM wouldn't be where it is now, and we are thankful to everyone who supported us in the past, supports us now or will support us in the future. Again, it's your choice, and nobody forces you.
      This basically is our full time job, and if you call what Eromancer listed in this post "no progress", we really don't have anything else to talk about.
      And one more thing: if you have issues with other Patreon campaigns, you should post them in their respective Patreon/blogs and not here. This blog is dedicated to games made by Eromancer and people working with him - we're not responsible for other Patreon projects and we don't appreciate generalizations like the one you did.

    5. Anon, let me lay it out for you.

      Budget aside (we don't make enough to support one full time developer at a AAA studio mind you), we have three people working 6-7 days a week. I probably spend a full 40 hours a week just on community endeavors. A whole lot more is required than adding "the fun stuff" with each release, and that takes way more time and energy than you appear to realize. Delays suck, I get it, but don't antagonize me or my team please.

      Also, if you don't ever back things on Patreon, what is your concern as to whether it's delayed or not?

    6. Some people are just hilarious Eromancer.

      "Hey, you said that the new version would be released then, I am not going to pay you but I will bitch and whine comparing you to CD Projekt, a AAA company that has GoG.com to further back them up."

      Can people be more of spoiled brats these times?

  8. Anon...come on. Sit back and relax. They're making a good game and it needs a lot of time. It's not some run on mill tetris or candy crush (even though both of these still requires time and money). So just chill man, it's better to get a glitch/bug free game than half baked product (mind you, I know how half baked stuffs can be). And hell, I'm not even patron so I just wait for a pub demo or something :P


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