Malise and the Machine on Kimochi!

Hey guys!

Good news to report for those of you that have been waiting for an alternative to Patreon to try out Malise and the Machine! We've made the current version of the game available on!

For those of you that haven't heard of it yet, Kimochi is a new platform for adult games. It's a simple and intuitive process to get started -- just create an account, download the beta client and then start playing games! You'll see MATM in the store with the other available titles.

We plan on posting the new version after each Patreon release, so if Patreon isn't really your thing this is a great alternative.

- Eromancer


  1. Hey Eromancer!
    Recently i played a game with a fantastic inflation/oviposition system (in my opinion). If you want to try it and get some ideas i let the link here:
    The game
    The link

  2. Going to ask here. Kimochi says that $10 is only for that version. From what I understand that is only 0.02. So interms of content $10 seems rather steep form something that can be updated asap, and with even more content requiring a repurchase?
    Feel free to correct me if wrong. You seem to be giving the message to potential buyers to hold off. Seems very EA.
    Would it not be better to do a increasing cost system that updates as contents added representing the value within?
    Or maybe payment to a version point, like 0.10 instead of each update at a discount.
    Just some ideas. Also an demo to tempt those on edge like myself. Many Thanks

    1. Sorry for late reply, but we're very busy with preparations to release 0.03 version of MATM (last minute testing, bug-fixing, ironing-out, etc.).
      Versions released on Kimochi are meant for people who would like to support us during MATM development, but for some reason cannot or don't want to use Patreon. Also, after every Patreon release there's few stragglers who missed the release post and Kimochi allows them to gain access to newest version.
      As for demo, we want to release one ASAP, but we want/need to implement few more things before releasing public demo - unfortunately I'm unable to give you estimate when it will be available - it will be announced, so you shouldn't miss it ;).
      Hope this helps!


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