New Artwork

Hey everyone!

I've just added some new promotional artwork to Tumblr (, so head on over to check it out in high res!

From the artwork you can probably guess that you should expect a new area and new enemies in V0.03, but I'll have more details in the next couple of weeks.  This last release went even more smoothly than the first one, so I've been able to work throughout the release period and am happy to say I've already gotten quite a bit of design work done.  I'll provide a more detailed update soon, as well as introduce you to our first new full time member of the team!

In the meantime you can discuss what you think is going to be attached to that tentacle!

- Eromancer


  1. sexy artwork. I wonder if would be part of an obstacle course that lashes out a certain distance to trigger fights.

  2. Wow this artwork looks soo good :O


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