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Hey everyone!

Malise and the Machine V0.02 was released on July 1!

If you missed the June 29 pledge deadline but still want to get in on this release, then send me an email at and I will send you details!


  1. Great game and Mechanics. I must give you that. I will address one thing that I have to say, in my opinion. I do hope that you may implement something besides a "Game Over" screen. While I am okay with it, I would like to see a sort of "Capture and Escape" Scenario, say if our Heroines should fall. I know this is still way early into developments and much is still to be added and can change. But playing the game, getting by it just fine then be overwhelmed and defeated, to receive a Game Over and do it all over again... Just sets me off a bit. This, again is in my own Opinion. That's my only complaint thus far. Besides that, Fighting Mechanics are fantastic. Artwork is beautifully done. Great game. Now to address some features that again, in my own opinion, would like to see is Pregnancy. And not just by Insect or any other form of Parasite, which Parasite Impregnation is still awesome. More like a "Getting loaded too many times" Pregnancy by Humans, Humanoids, Beasts and anything else that can mate. Another thing, as I stated above, would be the "Capture and Escape". As I said, I do not mind the whole "Defeat and Game Over" Scene. But It can be a bit, if not very, Frustrating to be in a good groove into the game then to be defeated and having to start all over. Yes I know there are save features, but there are many, sometimes myself included, that would forget to save and have gone quite the distance into a game, to have been defeated and have to do aaaaaall that again can be very tedious and annoying. So yes. a "Capture and Escape" over the "Defeat and Game Over" Mechanic would be nice. I know Others would agree and Disagree. You yourself may agree or disagree to my opinion. But I thought it would be nice to just say it. I know it's still early, but these two things are the major things I would love to see implemented into the game~ Thanks for Reading~ But overall a great game~


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