Map Sprites in Progress

Hey all! I decided to do a minor revamp of the map sprite system. It ended up taking me only about half of a day to get the scripts working as intended, but other less necessary features I was looking at would end up being bigger projects.

The good news is I got rid of the crappy 3 frame, single spritesheet per character RPGMaker default limitations and now have a framework where each character has a separate idle/running/walking animation (8 frames) as well as the functionality to call custom pose spritesheets during events. So, in addition to having the ability to make additional poses, there's also the potential for H-related sprite scenes for things such as traps, etc (of course accompanied by high quality artwork).  No promises yet, but these are things I'm heavily considering for down the road!

 Anyways, check out some preview GIFs of the high quality sprites (before they get scaled down) in action on the Tumblr: 

See you in a few days!


  1. Hi,
    I just found your crowdfunding project on AnimSharing.
    I have two blogs that feature video games. One just shows artwork and screenshots. The other is a Video Games Review blog. I was wondering if you would be interested in a blogpost on either or both to promote your game and crowdfunding.

    For Game Art Archive you would just need to give some non-XXX artwork. I save it online on Flickr and put it out as a slideshow on the blog. Also you would need to give me a copywriting blurb to promote it however you want.

    For Video Game Reviews it can be more like a guest blogpost. Type up a blogpost like you would on blogspot. E-mail me the HTML (in blogger, there are buttons for "Compose" or "HTML") and I just cut-and-paste it into a blogpost. It would be helpful if you could preface your post with a brief intro saying that you are a guest blogger.

    Thank you for your attention.

    Simon - -


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