Artwork Progress + New Artist!

Hey guys,  I thought I'd stop in and give you a quick update on where things are at with the first release. I'm currently finishing up the last of the Vorepup artwork (below is a sneak peek!). After that I only have a few more pieces left to do for a special scene. Aside from that, the only major things I'd like to address before the first release are adding some skills (obviously including the H skills for the Vorepup that I'm finishing the artwork for) and improving on RPG Maker's default sprite system for the map.  

In other news, we finally have a new artist on board to help with character art. He's been helping me with some random 3D tasks throughout the project, but now will have a much more substantial role in assisting with setting up renders as well as painting and post processing in Photoshop. Even though he possesses the skills necessary, the learning curve for these tasks is admittedly pretty steep, so the past week I've been jumping between working on art and writing up procedures and giving him tasks to practice with. Bringing him on gave me the opportunity to clean up the nearly 100 GB of data for the game that, while really organized, still had solid two days worth of tidying up for consistency and hopefully some additional future automation. So yeah, this puts us in a great position for getting a head start on the second release once this one is out the door.

Lastly, I wanted to bring it to your attention that there are now nearly 200 pieces of character art finished. While a significant amount of it will be used in the first release, there's a good bit that won't be due to skills/scenes not being in yet. The goal is to get most of this into the artwork PDF reward (the $15 Patreon pledge). I plan on releasing that a little bit after the game release once I have time to finish it up, as I want to make that the priority.  

So yeah, keep hanging in there a little longer!

If you haven't pledged yet, you can do so at!


  1. Take My Money! Just take it!

    Ahem. In all seriousness,I've been watching this games progress for a bit now thanks to 1 of my girlbuds being all like CHECK THIS SHIT OUT NOW! (In those exact words actually <.<) and I must say,I'm loving it all so far,looks fantastic,awsome artwork,unique designs & concepts (really digging the Cyberpunk/Industrial/Steampunk design (Especially Neon,damn :O (Both lasses look badass as hell,don't get me wrong...but I'm a huuuuuuge sucker for Blue Lipstick :P) )

    Nonetheless,just felt I'd say I'm (as are the friends I've showed it to myself) really looking forward to this game especially for multiple reasons. You all have my respect and mad props. I hope you keep kicking some serious ass on this project and anything that may happen 1 day. Keep your integrity and motivation and all that wishy-washy crap. Good shit folks. Good shit!

  2. Will there be any pregnancy features?

  3. I just saw the preview vid (ya I know I'm late) and your game looks really nice.

    Can't say I'm much a fan of the art style, but it's still well done and looks beautiful.

    I'm kind of curious, why would you use RPG maker and not use a more flexible solution like Unity? You must have had to mod the hell out of RPGmaker to make it work like that.

    1. Thanks! It basically evolved into a bigger project than I expected it to, heh. I have a post that kind of goes into detail on that topic:

  4. Will there be a product for sale or will this just be for patreon only?

  5. Can you say more about background, story and characters?

    1. I'm actually sort of intentionally leaving the details sparse until the plot is all finished.


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