H System Added to Pure Onyx! New Test Releases!

Hey guys!

We've released a couple of new test versions of Pure Onyx over at www.patreon.com/eromancer.  We've added the first H content and core structure for the H system, but there's a ton of new stuff going on under the hood that we'll start making use of in the coming updates.  Here's the changelog:

  • The combat H system has been added 
  • Enemy AI has been added!  They will no longer home in on you like punchy torpedoes, but will instead juke, charge, and even attempt to flank Onyx.  We will add more behavior patterns in later updates.  
  • Replaced the "arcade mode" with an "infinite wave" mode for now.   Enemy AI will become increasingly aggressive and more difficult up through about Wave 20.   The wave # is displayed in the upper left corner.
  • Pressing F1 will enable the developer UI overlay, which currently shows actor states, enemy AI behavior, hitboxes, and collision geometry.
  • Updated enemy animations.  This will be better once we actually tune them to the physics engine :D. 
  • Re-coded combat from scratch and removed virtually all third party code.  Don't expect huge changes on your end yet -- our goal this time around was to get it back into a playable state (we're almost there >_>). 
  • We now have true dynamic physics, and have retooled combat to function around it.
  • Added physics collision to enemies / Onyx (characters now bump into each other instead of clipping through them). 
  • Characters no longer hang up or fly into infinity when they collide with borders.
  • Reworked animation queuing system so that characters can’t be in multiple states at once.  
  • Added a combo system (now we just need combos for it <_<).  Input can now receive complex commands for things like special moves.
  • Particle FX for H scene liquids have been added
  • Added an H scene for Splicer Thugs.  A second one is available in the latest Inner Circle release.
  • Added 3D positional audio
  • Added additional SFX for combat
  • Stomp is now performed with Down + Kick
  • Added Vsync to prevent microstuttering and physics anomalies
  • Hitboxes have been adjusted, but keep in mind Onyx's real animations aren't in yet.
  • Collision system is much more robust and can handle things like multiple colliders for AoE attacks. 
  • Updated to DirectX 12 and Unity 2018.3. 


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