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Hey guys!

Great news.  The Patreon gods have heard my cries and have entered us into the beta for their new charge upfront feature!

For new patrons, this means you will now get instant access to the digital rewards for your tier via the Patreon feed. No more private invoices, no more waiting until the end of the month for your pledge to clear, etc. Basically, this is a much cleaner solution for everyone, and will allow me more time for development as opposed to sending out rewards manually.

As always, you can find the Patreon page at

Please let me know if you have any questions about it!

- Eromancer


  1. So it has been almost 1 year since v.03 has hit and you have had major updates .04 and .05. My question is, is this update trend going to remain the same or do you think it will vary,the former meaning a release date hypothetically could be up to 2 years away. I realize there are many variables and you have a small team so these things take time. I am curious if you are happy with your updates taking the time they do or if you have a plan to push out updates at increased intervals in the future. The game looks amazing so far, your team has done fantastic work.

    1. Hey! Sorry for taking so long to get back to you! We definitely intend for things to get faster as time goes on and we A) find additional funding and talent to hire, and B) further optimize our workflow and methods. There's a whole lot of work still going into the latter, so results may not be completely apparent yet. We do give weekly technical updates that go into detail about this kind of stuff though, so I recommend checking it out on Patreon if you're interested!

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