V0.05 Progress Update #2

Hey everyone!

Progress is going smoothly for V0.05, and I wanted to briefly stop in to tell you where we're at with things!

Eromancer: Artwork Progress

All 45 general poses/variations for Neon's new outfit battle portraits were wrapped up earlier this month!  I've taken a break from the new outfit artwork and am working on a story H scene currently.  It's gone a little slower than expected but I'm continuously trying to improve the possibilities I can manage with this artwork style, and I'm happy with the results so far.  

AltairPL: Map Overhaul Progress

I got to test out the latest version of AltairPL's map overhaul just yesterday and the performance improvements were pretty incredible.  In V0.043 I would get about 70 FPS standing around in the Access Tunnels B5 hub map (with the FPS cap raised).  In the version with the map overhaul implemented, I got 110 FPS.

The biggest objective of the overhaul however is to simplify map creation, and it's going great in that aspect as well.  AltairPL recently finished up remapping all of the maps in the map editor with his new system for marking passages and collision detection.  His new system allows for more elevation layers on a map, makes it easier to mark traversable/nontraversable areas, and allows for us to do so on our new maps (which completely utilize parallax mapping as opposed to tilemapping).  In addition, he's been able to considerably reduce the number of events required for standard things like opening chests / doors / traversing between maps and so on.

TK: 3D Map Editor Progress

 TK's map editor is now preeeeetty much at the point where we can replicate the results of the overhead map process I've been using up to this point.  Of course, the important thing is that we can do in about 30 seconds what took hours of busy work previously.   I've provided below a set of renders from a very basic (and still janky) test map TK has set up.  The final image in the set is a processed composite of the previous renders.  Note that there are obvious errors still, but it's just for test purposes.  It's convincing enough that I've included another screenshot from a different angle just to show this is really from the 3D editor :D.  

Images: http://imgur.com/a/kKf0e

Of course, replicating what we could do with our previous map creation process isn't good enough, so soon we'll be looking at ways in which we can create standardized ways to improve the results and make even better maps.  

That's about it for now!  Sorry there isn't more I can show, but yeah, spoilers and stuff :D.  Till next time!


  1. awesome! when can we see picture of the new enemy? :D

  2. Have you seen it?


    Soon it may be an excelent way to sell the game, and early access. You guys already have the demo on Kimochi, right? Be sure to keep an eye out for this new platform.

    1. Yep! Thanks for the heads up! I've actually been in contact with the Nutaku guys for quite awhile. Unfortunately, due to some of the fetish content they can't sell the game right now.

  3. I hope that it will turn out into great femdom H-scene!

  4. Just an idea. to increase the number of H-content enemies available in a given area and remove the need to back in past maps to see H-content of old enemies, you could change the collor pallet of the past enemies, like the leaches, increase their levels and put them back on other maps. Just an idea, I know this is a cheap trick to avoid making new enemies, but consider that depending on how serious you are playing, you may miss some scenes entirely, especially at the begining, in which the game is easier.

    1. yeah thats a good idea to keep bot H content and gameplay updated, as he said the leaches have no chance to grab the player in late game!
      there is also no real need for color pallet... just a simple increase to their lvl and overall stat is enough if u ask me

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. waiting for futa/lesbian in the next update:D and maybe some robotic tentacles for the robots in the next update too :P

  7. Any notable updates in the past month?

    1. Just made a new post! Sorry for the delay in updates. It's a lot easier for me to give one big update than a bunch of small ones :(. We're hoping to get a community manager and PR person in the next few months to help us with this sort of thing.


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