Proposal for Major Patreon Campaign Changes! Need Feedback!

Hey guys!

So, due to an initial favorable response from patrons, I wanted to get some feedback from you. We're currently considering some major changes to the Patreon campaign structure in an effort to simplify the process for new patrons, attract new patrons, and to remove some of my campaign related workload in order to give me more time to work on development related things.

Patreon is rolling out a feature called "Charge Up Front", which will allow us to utilize the Patreon feed for all releases. This would greatly simplify our release process, allow patrons instant access to their digital rewards, and also be much more intuitive for new patrons. Unfortunately, this feature is only available to (the vastly more popular) monthly campaigns, so it caused us to reconsider whether we could give the same or better experience to our patrons while benefiting from this new feature.

To accomplish this, we would significantly change the pricing for pledge rewards. This would drastically lower the initial price point for new patrons to check out what we are offering, and is something we feel could attract people that were scared off by the relatively high pledge requirements (especially those that hadn't seen a 'pledge per creation' campaign and mistook the reward prices for a monthly cost).

Here are the proposed changes:

  • The $1 reward (Patreon feed access) would change to $1 per month, and remain the same.
  • The $10 reward (access to the latest game version) would become $3 per month. We may not have a major release every month, but we certainly would not have them more than three months apart. On months that we don't have a major release ready, we would have a significant Patreon update showing off content from the upcoming release. The bottom line is that patrons pledging at the $10 tier or greater now wouldn’t be penalized by the new model.
  • The $15 reward (Artwork PDF) would change to $5 per month.
  • The $45 reward (Inner Circle access) would change to $10 a month.
  • The print rewards would be consolidated down to two. $40 a month for US patrons and $50 a month for international patrons. These can't change more due to the cost of printing and shipping, however these rewards would also include Inner Circle access, making them equivalent to the current $70 and $80 tiers.

For further reference, you can see the full descriptions and pledge reward list as it currently stands at (on the right side of the screen).

We're interested in obtaining feedback from those currently not pledging to see if these proposed changes would make you reconsider supporting the project. To do that I've made a very brief anonymous survey (two questions, multiple choice) that you can find below.

Click here to take the survey!

Thanks a lot in advance for your help!

Now, discuss!


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