New Print Design!

Hey everyone!

I just finished the latest print design for the upcoming Patreon release in May.

For this release I've been working a lot on stepping up the artwork quality by incorporating more environmental lighting (when necessary) and improved shading/ambient shadows while still maintaining the art style we've established for the game.  This latest print shows that off a bit (you can compare it to the earlier version I posted here back in January and see what I mean).

Also, in case you haven't been checking out the Tumblr page recently, I've posted a couple of gifs showing off some artwork from V0.04!   Check them out here and here!


  1. It looks great ! Will it be a playable outfit ? I hope there will be a lot of differents outfits in the game, even if it doesn't affect too much the gameplay and it's just something visual, it give the game a big plus and fun. do you know how many outfits there will be in the final realease ? Now you have a full time artist, and the gameplay system and the scenario in a good shape, making a lot of graphic adds can be a priority :)

  2. Looks very neat. Keep up the good work, guys.

  3. will there be animation with hscene (like in hounds of the blades?) It makes the game awesome even without a lot of monsters, it would be so great in matm. With your new full time artist maybe you could do it even if it's a lot of work. You can take your time to finish the game, and make perfect one.

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