Public Demo Hotfix (V0.0352) Release

Hey guys!

AltairPL has put together a hotfix for some of the issues that you've helped us find with the public demo!  

You can download the standalone files for the patch here:!uJd3yAjA!SWRrgIRKRG70vRNayAJiPUI-MpHArwATfkvVrq8_7UE

To install the hotfix, simply place the files into the game's 'Patch' folder in the main directory.

To download the full public demo with the hotfix pre-installed, refer to the public demo release post and follow the download instructions:

The changelog for the patch is as follows:

  • Fixed rare crash on the Tetra menu screen
  • Fixed rare crash when holding enemy is killed during auto-struggle
  • Fixed rare ATB glitch related to breaking hold with auto-struggle
  • Fixed a glitch where the guard + damage character portrait would be displayed inappropriately
  • Reorganized Options screen to improve readability


  1. Display error:

    After the H-attack Malise defeat scene with the result of the H-attack will replaced with an other one without the H-attack aspects from the Vorepups through the exp getting menu.



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