Pure Onyx - January 2021 Test Release

  Hey everyone! I don't update this blog as often as I should, but we're well into development of PURE ONYX , our beat 'em up RPG hybrid based in the world of Malise and the Machine .  I wanted to post a preview of one of the H scenes from our most recent test release , and remind you to check us out on Twitter for consistent updates and news! 

PURE ONYX 3D Character Animation Preview!

Hey guys! We’re well into our 3D character conversion for PURE ONYX, and  I have a preview video    of some of Onyx’s new moves and combos!   Be sure to check out our Twitter if you haven’t yet for the most up to date news! Expect to see a bunch of new enemies and environments soon, as well as news on gameplay mechanics, RPG elements, and the upcoming public demo!

We're Now on Twitter! New PURE ONYX Release Next Week!

Hey guys! You can now find us on Twitter at Also, the next Pure Onyx test release will be sometime next week, and will include the first H scene for the new boss~

June 6 PURE ONYX Test Release is now on Patreon!

Hey everyone! We've posted the June 6 test release build of Pure Onyx on Patreon! The content additions since the May 7th release include two new enemies (Chain Splicer and Splicer Boss), a new H scene for the Splicer Thug, and updated artwork and animations for Onyx.  We've also been working on a much more stable AI system that should be available this month. Here's the full list of changes! CHANGELOG / FIXED BUGS (since May 7 test release) Added basic versions of the Chain Splicer enemy and the first boss. They currently have limited move sets and are not yet rigged for full animation.     Added a new H scene for the Splicer Thug Onyx's real skeleton has been added, allowing for Spine animations during regular gameplay. There's still work to do to get animation blending behaving properly on her though, so we've disabled it for now.  Added Onyx's Idle animation and updated the Walk animation.   Updated Onyx's move set artwork.  Now t

H System Added to Pure Onyx! New Test Releases!

Hey guys! We've released a couple of new test versions of Pure Onyx over at .  We've added the first H content and core structure for the H system, but there's a ton of new stuff going on under the hood that we'll start making use of in the coming updates.  Here's the changelog: The combat H system has been added  Enemy AI has been added!  They will no longer home in on you like punchy torpedoes, but will instead juke, charge, and even attempt to flank Onyx.  We will add more behavior patterns in later updates.   Replaced the "arcade mode" with an "infinite wave" mode for now.   Enemy AI will become increasingly aggressive and more difficult up through about Wave 20.   The wave # is displayed in the upper left corner. Pressing F1 will enable the developer UI overlay, which currently shows actor states, enemy AI behavior, hitboxes, and collision geometry. Updated enemy animations.  This will be better once we

PURE ONYX - First Boss Preview

Meet WRAXE, the Splicer gang’s handyman and the first boss you’ll encounter in PURE ONYX! Learn more at !

Vioreaper Coming to PURE ONYX!

The Vioreaper enemy from Malise and the Machine is coming to Pure Onyx!  Check out the animation preview video below, and visit us over at to learn more!